11.03. 19:00

Coltaine // Kariti // YRAH // Surprise

Coltaine Founded by the Berg brothers, Moe und Benedikt, in the Black Forest of southern Germany in 2014, Coltaine came to life in order to help process the loss of one of their loved ones by concentrating their focus on the light on the far away, distant horizon. Despite musical influences that extend back to 70´s rock, black metal and various line up changes, Coltaine has been able to remain true to their own unique nature of sound and atmosphere which can be defined by an unusual song writing, calm, ethereal sounds and straight forward heavy rock and metal arrangements. All of this is reinforced by the versatile singer, Jules whose spheric voice switches from the darkest growls and screams to soulful, melodic harmonies. Together with the mighty, relentless drumming of Amin comes a perfect matching line up for Coltaine and their years to come. kariti карити (kariti) - 'mourn the dead' in church Slavonic, an antique Slavic liturgical language - is a Russian-born artist currently based in Italy. debut 'Covered Mirrors' was released on September 18, 2020 by Aural Music and represents a cathartic peregrination through bereavement. Years of exploring diverse genres and forms of art, music and literature inspired k to finally write music for many poems piled up over the years and record ‘Covered Mirrors’ in summer of 2019 on an old secluded countryside property. This record, defined by the artist as ‘mourning folk’, is recommended to listeners who enjoy music, that explores dark, sombre atmospheres with profound lyrical content. kariti’s second album is in the works and is expected to be released in 2023. After The Concert await a special Surprise Live Set in Electronic Music ;-)

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