07.07. 18:00

Parade + Losing Sleep + Finding Harbours


Doors: 20:00 // Show 21:00

Finding Harbours:

Energetic live sets define the band as well as the spirit of the DIY subculture. Inbeetween their influential bands like Title Fight, Balance And Composure or Moose Blood, Finding Harbours set sail to a new wave of melodic Emopunk.

Losing Sleep

The quartet from Karlsruhe starts a new chapter in their band history at the beginning of 2022. “Sorry For Escalating” will become “Losing Sleep“ this year. By changing their name the band wants to develop the style they initiated with their EP “Losing Sleep” in 2018. In recent years, the four guys have changed a lot. “Losing Sleep” thus initiates a developmental step towards becoming adults. In their new single “Twisting” (04/02) the band shows how this coming of age process feels like. With new sounds and an extension of the musical horizon, further releases are following in the course of the year. Besides many changes, one central aspect of “Losing Sleep” remains the same: Friendship <3

Parade - Alternative/Emo

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